Eight Developments and Gaballah Group cooperate to develop EGP 2.5 bln investments Revolve Mall project in New Cairo

Eight Real Estate Developments and Gaballah Group signed a cooperation contract to develop the “Revolve Mall “project in the northern investors' area in the heart of New Cairo, with investments exceeding EGP 2.5 bln.

For his part, Omar El Saadawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eight Real Estate Developments, said that the cooperation with Gaballah Group comes within the company's plan to expand its portfolio of real estate projects in the Egyptian market by announcing Revolve Mall project to provide a unique mall that provides innovative solutions in the most distinguished areas in New Cairo, to meet the needs of the Egyptian market.

He explained that the cooperation between the two companies to ensure the implementation of a unique project to be a distinctive mark in New Cairo City to attract the largest number of customers and visitors, pointing out that Eight Developments aims to market the project differently to reach all different sales segments to serve the residents and visitors of New Cairo, using the best and latest new and innovative technological and marketing solutions. At the same time "Gaballah Group" implements construction and contracting works., where it has so far succeeded in implementing nearly 80% of the construction work in the mall.

Mohamed Abdel Fattah, CEO of Eight Developments, revealed the company's direction in achieving the desires of customers in providing suitable and diverse units comparable to the major real estate projects and products offered to the customers, by signing with a large entity such as Gaballah Group, to provide a unique mall that provides innovative solutions in the real estate market.

He explained that “ Revolve Mall “  is an administrative, commercial, and hotel mall, built on an area of 15,000 square meters, in the northern investors' area and is located directly on the Tahrir axis, which connects Al-Nasr Road with the northern ninety axes, and includes 250 units, including 36 commercial units, 152 administrative units, and 62 hotel units, pointing out that the company believes in the importance of following the quality standards, paying attention to preserving the environment and shifting towards sustainable construction to provide the most important customer requirements.

Mohamed Abdel Fattah said that the project is a reflection of the philosophical thought on which Eight Developments was based as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, related to achieving the highest concepts of sustainability, working on time management and providing all possibilities to create a harmonious and flexible society that achieves the rates of productivity for customers. , and maximize the concept of smart buildings.

For his part, Dalia Gaballah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gaballah Group, said that “Revolve Mall “relies on the latest artificial intelligence technologies, environmentally friendly global technologies, green technologies, the best materials, the latest designs, in addition to the latest industrial safety means.

She explained that the project will be one of the most important flagship commercial administrative projects in terms of architectural designs and distinguished services, which will be an addition to the company's track record, as the company's vision depends on implementing its work with innovative intelligent and at the level of several real estate projects through qualified and professionally trained human cadres to complete and develop business in a very distinguished manner.

She pointed out that the project provides many services for architectural designs, interior designs, landscape design, and all finishing works, as well as construction and building as a kind of diversity and excellence to achieve integration in the field of building and construction following the highest standards Modern specifications for construction, which are in line with the idea of sustainable development and the establishment of environmentally friendly smart buildings following the strategy and directions of the state.